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Blott en Dag (Day by Day)

A famous Swedish hymn from the repertoire of Jenny Lind, the "Swedish Nightingale," is transformed into a gorgeous guitar solo by Jan-Olof Eriksson. Original Swedish lyrics by Karolina Wilhelmina Sandell-Berg and the familiar English lyrics by Andrew L. Skoog are included. 1 p. music, 1 p. lyrics and introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Mallorca: Barcarola, Op. 202 (Switzer/Romero)

Mark Switzer's arrangement differs from most other Albéniz transcriptions by falling naturally on the fingerboard and paying scrupulous attention to the composer's original indications. This is the version recorded by Pepe Romero and his fingering is included. 7 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01959



Favorite Pieces Transcribed for Guitar (P. Romero)

Includes Asturias, Cádiz, Córdoba, Rumores de la Caleta, and Sevilla. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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[View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Sonata No. 1 in g minor, BWV 1001 (Holzman)

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Partita No. 2 in d minor, BWV 1004 (P. Romero)

This is the violin partita which concludes with the famous Chaconne.

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Suite No. 3, BWV 1009 (P. Romero)

In Maestro Romero's transcription, the 3rd cello suite is transposed to D.

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Five Lyric Pieces

[View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Innocent Meandering, (Robinson)

This piece is jazz legend Blanchard's first composition for solo classical guitar."Definitely recommended." -- Stephen Kenyon, Classical Guitar; "Cette oeuvre assez développée est souple et rhapsodique en même temps que fort abstrait." -- Les Cahiers de la guitare; "... don't let the title of Blanchard's new work fool you; there's nothing innocent about these musical meanderings -- they are finely wrought & intelligently structured." -- from John Schneider's review of The American Record, Stephen Robinson's 1993 Centaur CD, in Soundboard. 5 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01961



Adieux à la Suisse: Tyrolienne de Bruguière, Variée, Op. 56 (Long)

A virtuoso solo by one of the guitar's greatest figures, this work is based on a popular song by Édouard Bruguière, which is included in the edition. "This is the first modern [edition] of this work,and an interesting Preface appears at the beginning of the book. ...All editorial amendments are clearly indicated ... on the pages in which they occur ... It is a showy piece, that puts together all that the guitar can do well, it requires the player to race up and down the fingerboard with nimble arpeggio and scale patterns, play chords with panache, and use to effect motifs that the guitar is comfortable with. There is a light-hearted feel to the music, that captures the essence of the Tyrolean art form, and it requires agility rather than strength in the hands to play it well. It conjures up a picture of the period, and gives an insight into the showmanship of the original player Carcassi himself, who must have impressed his audiences with his virtuosic displays of technique. Carcassi does not have his place in guitar history for nothing, because everything he writes is tailor made for the guitar and he knows only to well how to exploit its strengths and disguise its weaknesses." --- Sandra Hambleton-Smith, Classical Guitar. 1 p. introduction, 13 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02448

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La Girafe à Paris: Divertissement Africo-français, Op. 306 (Long)

In 1827 an unusual gift from the ruler of Egypt became the rage of Paris; Carulli wrote this extended rondo in her honor. "Inherently charming, ..." -- Jeffrey John Kust, Guitar Review; "a delightful piece" -- Derek Faux Bowyer, Guitar International. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01262



Introduction et thême varié [on a Theme from Mozart's The Magic Flute], Op. 276, No. 30 (Danner)

These are Carulli's elaborate variations in A on "Das klinget so herrlich," the same theme that inspired Sor's Op. 9 and Carcassi's Op. 24. "It is especially nice to have different treatment of the Magic Flute theme ... These are excellent editions." -- Richard Turner, Soundboard. 7 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01962



Variations sur l'air "Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman" ["Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"], Op. 60, No. 3 (Danner)

"... very enjoyable. These are excellent editions." -- Richard Turner, Soundboard; " ... cet air a dû inspirer Carulli qui ici se surpasse. ... Après une bonne introducion, l'oeuvre est assez virtuose et plutôt inventive pour le genre." -- Les Cahiers de la Guitare; "... this should put Carulli's name a little higher in the guitar universe." -- Neil Smith, Classical Guitar. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01963



Works for Guitar, Vol. 1: Guitar Solos (Ribot)

The complete works of the great Haitian-American guitarist; Vol. 2 will include his complete songs for voice and guitar as well as voice and piano.

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Variations on a Theme of Paisiello: "Nel cor più non mi sento", Op. 35 (Long)

Castellacci was a guitar virtuoso, a rival of Sor, Carulli and Carcassi in Paris. His variations on one of the most popular airs of the early nineteenth century constitute "une oeuvre à la fois brillante et charmante." -- Mary Criswick, Les Cahiers de la Guitare. "These four superb pieces [Horetzky, Castellacci, Carulli, Sagrini, all from Tuscany Publications] ... reward both performer and audience with good musical ideas and a non predictability atypical of guitar pieces of this era. ... good biographical notes, ... excellent page layouts should be purchased and studied by performers, and admired and emulated by other scholars and publishers." -- Jeff Kust, Guitar Review. 10 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01261



Fantiasie sur une thême viennois [A Schisserl und a Reindl], Op. 65 (Long)

"... these well-presented editions can be of some historical interest, and are certainly equal in merit and effectiveness to much of the music of Castellacci's more familiar contemporaries." --- Alan Thomas, Classical Guitar. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. " ... this setting is expertly done, the Introduction is a delight to play and hear... ." --- Neil Smith, Classical Guitar. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02257



Fantaisie sur la romance favorite de la Cenerentola "Non più mesta" de Rossini, Op. 99 (Long)

"Three separate items [Opp. 65, 99, 100] ... place [Castellacci] straightway in the league of masters ... he was obviously very good and very musical, the equal of many others and these albums set him out as such. They are well printed, fingered in many places, very sturdy covers." --- Neil Smith, Classical Guitar. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02258



Grand Fantaisie ... sur la marche favorite de Moïse ... de Rossini, Op. 100 (Long)

" ... after a pleasant and playable intro, the March appears, known to all lovers of music. Set in A major, the piece winds on through six variants including triplets, slurs, tremolo, etc., but never once did I feel that the music was treading the 'Carulli-path'; a powerful double-forte tremolo and chords conclude this hidden masterpiece ... Excellent material." --- Neil Smith, Classical Guitar. "Queste ... pubblicazioni della Tuscany Publications si segnalano per la buona qualità della stampa e della grafica; la diteggiatura di Richard M. Long è puntuale e funzionale; gli interventi editoriali sono chiaramente differenziati dal testo originale e, last but not least, l'impaginazione è razionale e non pone problemi di voltate ... . " ---Marco Riboni, Il Fronimo. 9 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02259




Two Preludes (Holzman)

One of these preludes -- "The Resting Sun"-- is a hauntingly beautiful melody, skillfully developed and harmonized; the other -- "Child's Play"-- is vivacious and evokes folk and popular guitar music. "... genuinely skillful writing and use of the instrument and a sense of stylistic awareness and authority. These items ... will appeal very widely." -- Stephen Kenyon, Classical Guitar; "Voilà une musique populaire qui sonne avec un rare bonheur d'expression. Le deuxième prélude surtout est très romantique, belle page où j'ai cru déceler l'influence de Tárrega."-- Les Cahiers de la Guitare. 4 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01964



Sonatas Nos. 15, 46, and 53 (Zohn)

Three sonatas by the Italian keyboard master. Zohn's transcriptions, all with the E string tuned to D, are effective and guitarristic; they may be performed as a set or played separately. "Unlike his contemporary Scarlatti, relatively little of this man's work has been arranged for guitar, and on the evidence of this publication I fail to see why. ...this is a charming and entirely convincing arrangement.... This is an entirely recommendable publication. The music is attractive and not too difficult, and most important of all, does not sound arranged. More of the same please!" --- Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar. 4 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02368





Allegro, from Violin Sonata Op. 5, No. 3 (Long)

The violin and bass parts combined to form an attractive gigue-like guitar solo of intermediate difficulty. 2 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01358




Birds, Op. 66 (Goni)

The new edition of this 1977 favorite which has been out-of-print for several years, with new fingering by Antigoni Goni. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02479

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Three Dances (Op. 128 - Goldort; Op. 137 - Starobin; and Op. 138 - Lafasciano)

The composer, of course, needs no introduction to Classical guiarists. These brilliant dances are: Valse en rondeau, Op. 128 (1997); Valse lyrique, Op. 137 (2000); and Danza eccentrica, Op. 138 (2000). "Neatly proportioned, two to three minutes in length, they work as an entity of three or perfectly well on their own. Each having a distinct flavor, the titles give one a good idea of what is to come but with Duarte there are always surprises. The Valse Lyric Op. 137 does have French influences but really borrows from the god of the waltz, Chopin, for much of its duration. Its declamatory rubato theme and second statement, which crosses over bars makes for a delightfully languorous piece of music. Valse en Rondeau Op. 128 ... has a spicily chromatic theme ... and all manners of quixotic harmonies that a great fun to play. Danza Eccentrica Op. 138 is punctuated with eccentric minor seconds and off beat bass lines ... The quality of the print/house style is excellent as are the ingenious fold out pages, which enable you to see the entire piece without page turns, i.e. three pages at once - a great idea that should be more widely used. If you are new to Duarte's music these pieces will serve as an excellent taster for the rest of his huge and world-renowned output. Recommended for those with a sense of mischief, of around grades 5 to 6 standard." --- Tim Panting, Classical Guitar. 9 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02451

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Variations on an Italian Folk Song, Op. 139 (Marchione)

[View Excerpts, Etc.]

In Preparation - Summer 2002


12 Studies, Op. 140 (De Innocentis)

[View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02478

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Pequeña Suite Venezolano, Op. 141

[View Excerpts, Etc.]

In Preparation - Summer, 2002



Tastegiata & Bergamesca (Klickstein)

Jerry Klickstein's ingenious transcription of these pieces, originally composed in 1650, uses scordatura and a capo to overcome the problems of transcribing baroque lute music to the guitar. "...if the pieces seem vaguely familiar it will almost certainly be through Respighi's arrangements featured in the second set of Ancient Airs and Dances; the versions presented here are taken from the original lute tablature, a copy of which is included in the publication. ... An informative and scholarly Preface is included in this interesting, well arranged and beautifuly produced edition." -- Raymond Burley, Classical Guitar. 3 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02366




Six Variations sur la chanson national "I bin a kohlbauern Bub," Op. 49 (Long)

Arguably Giuliani's most original and virtuosic set of variations -- a masterpiece; "top-drawer Giuliani ... based on an Austrian folk tune, and its Tyrolean charms are preserved with cleverness and imagination throughout the six variations." -- David Leisner, MLA Notes. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-00588



Variations sulla cavatina favorita "De! Calma oh ciel" di Rossini, Op. 101 (Long)

"... a delightful set of variations. ... Why such a composition hasn't ... seen the light of day in recent times is a mystery to me, and it's a good thing that it's finally got here."-- Chris Kilvington, Classical Guitar. "The editor is to be commended not only for his faithfulness to the scores ... but also for his excellent taste in selecting his pieces." -- David Leisner, MLA Notes. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-00592



Introduzione e variazioni sopra la cavatina favorita "Nume perdonami, se in tale istante" nei Baccanali di Roma del Signore Generali, Op. 102 (Long)

"a first-rate example of Giuliani writing at his prime ..." -- Peter Danner, Soundboard. 10 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, etc.]

Order No. 494-00593



Tre Tarantelle e Balletti nazionali napoletani (King)

A newly discovered, unedited manuscript yielded these charming treasures, probably composed toward the end of the composer's life. "There is a remarkably interesting and detailed preface of four tightly packed pages to read before one reaches the actual music. I have come across John King's work before, and it is always of a high standard. This latest edition publishes some very rare Giuliani, and the detective work involved in their publication makes for fascinating reading." --- Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar. 6 pp. music, 4 pp. introduction [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 484-02372

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Faust Waltzes (M. Y. Ferrer/King)

Gounod's lovely waltzes work perfectly on the guitar in this rare adaptation by early American guitar virtuoso Manuel Y. Ferrer. "Les trois valses présentée constituent de beaux morceaux pour la guitare car Gounod est un compositeur important et cette musique est plus subtile qu'elle pourrait en avoir l'air au premier abord. Une bonne idée!"-- Les Cahiers de la Guitare. 3 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01965

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La Maja de Goya: Tonadilla (P. Romero)

[View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Suite for a Musical Clock (Zohn)

A little suite in four movements (Prelude, Menuet, Air, and Gigue -- HWV 598, 602, 604, and 599 respectively). The arranger recommends a capo at fret VII to create the effect of the musical clock. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02481

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Sonata in G, Hob. XVI:8 (Zohn)

A keyboard sonata in four movements (Allegro, Minuet, Andante, Allegro). [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02482

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Grandes variations, Op. 16 (Long)

Horetzky was a Ukrainian-born guitarist who may have been a pupil of Giuliani; his later career took him to the British Isles; "interesting harmonies and a good use of the guitar's range ... definitely worth investigation." -- Jeffrey John Kust, Guitar Review. 10 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01359

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Juicy Fruit Shuffle

Jay Kauffman is a New York guitarist, composer, and artist with graduate degrees in performance from both the Juilliard School of Music and the Cincinnati Conservatory. This piece is whimsical, jazz influenced. 4 pp. music [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02370



Mongolian Folksong

Kauffman has travelled extensively in the Orient, and his experiences are reflected in his music. This work is a showstopper, with the guitar in an unusual C# minor scordatura (the same tuning as Domeniconi's Koyunbaba), with a clear tablature staff as well as standard notation to facilitate sight reading. "As for the actual music, long chords begin the work, before what is described on the score, as a shimmering tremol section of chords, occurs; difficult to achieve, but effective as an end result. Gradually from this hazy beginning, the work picks up momentum and develops into a hectic but excitingly colourful piece of music." --- Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar. 14 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02450

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Threnody, Lament for Guitar

"Threnody begins as a plaintive dirge, moves through stages of wistful mourning and almost violent denial, is lifted occasionally by happy memories, and ends with a quiet farewell." -- from the author's sleeve notes on his recording Fingerprint. "Threnody (subtitled 'Lament') is a poignant and emotional composition. Beginning in a quite simplistic manner the work gradually builds up in rhythmic complexity reaching a middle section, which features notes played in combinations such as 3:2, 5:2 and 6:3. The drama then gradually subsides and the piece reaches a calm conclusion with a fade out. In the right hands and played at an appropriate place in the concert programme, Threnody could well make quite an impact with receptive audiences. I enjoyed the piece tremendously -- it is skilfully written, well thought out and the presentation is excellent." --- Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar. "[Threnody] is magnificent and deeply moving, bringing us directly into his richly emotional world." --Farinaz Agharabi, Montreal Guitar Society Journal. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02369

(USD $7.00)


Spooky Blues

The composer calls Spooky Blues "a theme song looking for a vampire comedy to accompany." "Spooky Blues is a great bit of fun to play through; it has various effects such as a muffled bass line, nail scraping, excessive bending of notes, tapping nails along the side of the guitar and striking the strings above the nut ... an entertaining piece of music which could perhaps be slotted into the 'encore list' file. The music is well printed and has plenty of entertaining instructions as well, such as: 'slide at the last moment to B or thereabouts without re-striking, then get the hell out of there' and gentle reminders such as 'are you still muffling the bass?' Best of all must be the instruction after the final bar 'Whatever you do, don't look up the grin'. Great stuff!" -- Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar. 4 pp. music [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02371



Maumbury Rings & Dancing Ledge

A tremolo piece (Maumbury Rings) and an exuberant dance (Dancing Ledge), these pieces were inspired by an ancient barrow in Dorchester and a scenic spot on the English coast, respectively. "Beautifully presented, this linked pair of pieces by the English composer and guitarist Stephen Kenyon was inspired by the countryside in the county of Dorset in the South of England. On first reading through the score it is obvious that this is beautifully crafted music. The phrases have a vocal quality that is wholly natural while the harmonic progressions are gorgeous. The music, particularly Maumbury Rings is as English as that other tremolo piece is Spanish. Yes, the first piece is written in tremolo technique, yet is unique in that it has a sense of being unhurried, standing still in time. There is no feeling of trying to produce anything other than a legato melodic line, which gives serenity to the atmosphere of the music. Dancing Ledge is mich more varied with changes of character and colour. When one puts the music onto the guitar it is immediately apparent that the music is even more lovely than when read in one's head. As an added bonus the score is very playable with excellent performance notes by the composer. A privilege to review." --- John Arran, Classical Guitar. 1 p. introduction, 8 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02403

(US $14.00)


Scottish Suite

"This work is inspired by the musical sound-world of the Scottish highlands, but borrows no actual traditional melodic material at all." - from the composer's introduction. "The four movements: Pastoral, Hornpipe, Lament and Jig, all have a Celtic flavour. The Pastoral, (marked 'peaceful"), is described by the composer as being 'restful yet moving with some purpose'. The vigourous Hornpipe oozes vitality whilst the Lament contains some exquisite colouration in the writing. Not without its outbursts of passion this movement is marked 'with great sadness' is remarkable for its poignancy. The final Jig is full of energy; a real let your hair down finale to a superb virtuoso concert item. ... The performance notes written by the composer really let you know what he thinks about the suite's performance. Almost like having a lesson with Kenyon himself". --- John Arran, Classical Guitar. 12 pp. music, 2 pp. introductory notes. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02402

(US $15.00)



Chico: Cancion andaluza

This piece was inspired by the Andalusian songs of Manuel Sanz and dedicated to Celedonio Romero; the thematic material, from Mozart, emerges at the end of this showy and cleverly constructed piece. "It has a happy feel to it and conjures up images of sunny days in Spain ... With its joyful tune intermingled with scurrying descending triplet passages, it is reminiscent of some of Bartolome Calatayud's work." -- Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar. 2 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01966



El Fandango rosado

Unusual campanelas and astringent harmonies characterize this entertaining and original exploration of the popular Spanish dance form, the source of many flamenco rhythms. "Stylish and idiomatic throughout, El Fandango Rosado breathes new life into the stock 'triplet and two crotchets' format by means of strategically placed chromatic alterations and some skilfully organised campanella effects. The result is a Hispanic encore novelty of the highest order and I would urge all players of Grade 6 and above to try it for themselves." -- Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar. 4 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01968




Imagine a cross between Recuerdos de la Alhambra and the James Bond theme. A witty, pop music inspired solo -- the perfect encore! 3 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01969



Suite for Guitar (after Salvador Dalí)

Inspired by several paintings by Salvador Dalí (reproductions are included in the edition), this suite consists of five movements, the middle three of which have previously been performed and recorded as "The Dream of Christopher Columbus." The thematic materials are metamorphosed into an Indian raga, a Catalan folk song, and parodies of Bernstein, Rodrigo, and others. An ingenious and demanding work, with great audience appeal. "Some of the most attractive moments [of Susan McDonald's CD, The Dream of Christopher Columbus] come in the gentle campanella passages of John King's ... work" -- Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar. 20 pp. music, 4 pp. introduction and illustrations. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01967



Introducción y danza

[View Excerpts, Etc.]

In Preparation


Dos Piezas: Air de paz & Son del barrio

[View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Capriccio detto "il Gran monarca" (Long)

The composer, lutenist to the Imperial court, published this work in Venice in 1620; "thanks to the editor ... for bringing this fascinating composer to our attention. ... what a smashing piece." -- Gregory Newton, Classical Guitar; "an unusual and effective solo" -- Peter Danner, Soundboard. 4 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01265




Dos Aires pampeanos

Brilliant and accessible renderings of two of Argentina's most popular airs -- the estilo and milonga -- by one of Argentina's finest guitarists and composers. "Altogether a most interesting, satisfying and entertaining piece of writing from a composer whose work I am beginning to admire more and more." -- Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar. 4 pp music [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02164



Catedral de los pájaros

Another poetic and soaring melody, this one inspired by an ancient tree in Argentina's San Luis province that serves as a home for hundreds of birds. "This is a thoroughly delightful piece. ... Highly recommended." -- Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar. 2 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02163



Suite del recuerdo

"Apart from being a very exciting and entertaining piece to perform, the really good news is that [it] is not really difficult to play ... Highly recommended."-- Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar; " "... the music is gorgeous" -- Richard Matteson, Jr., Soundboard. 15 pp. music, 2 pp. introduction.[View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01783



Sueño con Caballos

A new work by the great Argentine composer, Sueño con Caballos is in three movements: Of it, he has written: "Este parrafo musical nace del recuerdo de la familia Torres de El Trapiche, provincia de San Luis, Argentina: don Felix Torres, doña Esperanza, el Perico, el Gordo, Titina y el Lencho. Ellos me regalaron el alazan cuando yo tenia cinco años. Sobre el aprendi a mirar el mundo desde otra altura." 9 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02454

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[View Excerpts, Etc.]

In Preparation



Fantasía X (P. Romero)

Composed for the vihuela, but in imitation of the harp music of the celebrated Ludovico; this is the exciting campanela arrangement for guitar as performed by Pepe Romero.

[View Excerpts, Etc.]

In Preparation




Ourkouzounov is a prolific Bulgarian composer resident in Paris; he is increasingly renowned for his imaginative and virtuosic works for guitar. Frammenti, in six brief movements (two entirely in harmonics), features a scordatura of the fourth string to C# and the sixth to D and a number of percussive effects. 7 pp. music [View Excerpts, Etc.,]

Order No. 494-02404

(USD $10.00)



Fantaisie sur une mélodie russe, Op. 32 (Long)

Pettoletti was an Italian virtuoso of the mid-19th century who spent much of his career in Scandinavia and Russia; this is an expressive and original tribute to his adopted country. "This piece shows Pettoletti as a developed composer on quite a good level ... a worthwhile addition to the repertory, ... " -- Vladislav Blaha, Classical Guitar. " ... a good old fashioned white-knuckle crowd pleaser ..." Paul Fowles -- Classical Guitar. 6 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01360




Two Arias of Rossini: Preghiera & Cavatina (Long)

Gioacchino Antonio Rossini's Preghiera "Dal tuo stellato soglio" from Mosè in Egitto and his Cavatina "Come dolce all'alma mia from Tancredi, as set for guitar in Rossini's lifetime by the Florentine virtuoso Picchianti (1786-1864). Based on rare Italian editions. "Picchianti était un compositeur et guitariste florentin, également musicographe et professeur de contrepoint. Il est donc intéressant de le redécouvrir grâce à cette publication. De fait, ses adaptations sont bien écrites, loin du simplisme fréquent à l'époque, et requièrent de la virtuosité." --Les Cahiers de la guitare et de la musique. "Due buoni lavori" --- Marco Riboni, Il Fronimo. 6 pp. music, l p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 0494-1361




Tango Angelita (for voice and guitar or guitar solo) (P. Romero)

Don Celedonio Romero, one of the most influential guitarists of the century, wrote this charming tango in 1933 to attract the attention of Angelita (Ines de los Angeles Gallego Molina), the woman who became his wife and the mother of his brilliant sons. Published here for the first time. " ... an utterly charming classic tango ... With the passing of Celedonio Romero we have surely lost a true gentleman of the guitar whose compositions will remind us of a gallantry and elegance we seem to be busily hurrying away from. Pure charm." -- Emma Martinez, Classical Guitar. 2 pp. music, 3 pp. introduction, illustrations and poetry. 2 pp. music, 2 pp. text + illustration [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02040



Preludio y Guasa

In Preparation



La Danza: Tarantella napolitana (S. Aron)"

One of Rossini's most famous melodies (and that says a great deal!), arranged here as a brilliant and virtuosic guitar solo. 'La Danza, that intoxicating tarantella once so splendidly sung by Caruso, ... is a little masterpiece.' ... the music lies surprisingly well on the guitar. Seemingly virtuosic, the piece is not so very difficult to perform, and is a remarkably idiomatic addition, by a major composer, to the ... 19th Century repertoire." --Uros Dojcinovic, Soundboard. " ... incontestablement sonne fort bien." --- Les Cahiers de la Guitare et de la Musique. 4 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02166




Variations brillantes sur un thême allemand (A Schisserl und a Reindl), Op. 11 (Long)

Sagrini, who was born in Monza and spent much of his career in England, only published about a dozen works for guitar, but several of them are substantial virtuoso works, requiring advanced technique. These variations, based on the same theme as Giuliani's Op. 38 and Castellacci's Op. 65 (see above), are among Sagrini's best. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-02260



Variations brillantes sur un air de Rossini, Op. 12 (Long)

This virtuoso work by Napoléon Coste's sometime duet partner is based on a Rossini quintet from Il Turco in Italia, followed by a fine original polonaise. "I had heard the name Sagrini before, but never expected such a quality piece to be virtually unknown and unplayed. ... compares with the best from the period. ... one can only wonder why it has taken so long for this to appear."-- Neil Smith, Classical Guitar. 8 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-01362



Suite española (Romero)

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Sonata in a, K. 149, L. 93 (Long) 2 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15 (S. Aron)

More than a quarter hour of first class Romantic repertoire, beautifully adapted to the guitar by Stephen Aron. "The entire suite is at last available in a wonderful guitaristic arrangement suitable for any kind of program"--American Music Teacher. 13 pp. music, 1 p. introduction [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Four Crucial Moments

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Fantaisie dédiée à son élève Mlle Houzé (P. Romero)

The only edition of this newly discovered masterpiece by one of the great guitar composers of all times; "Available at last ... an excellent concert item. The print is bold and clear and I am certain that we will now hear it in rep across the globe. Recommended." -- Neil Smith, Classical Guitar; "une oeuvre d'importance datant vraisemblablement de la maturité du compositeur ... L'introduction, en ré mineur, est absolutment magnifique. C'est une grande partition" -- Les Cahiers de la Guitare; "una composizione degna di grande attenzione e, conseguentemente, di esecuzione concertistica." -- Marco Riboni, Il Fronimo. 10 pp. music, 4 pp. introduction and illustrations. [View Excerpts Etc.]

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Introduction et variations brillantes sur "Tu vedrai la sventurata" de Bellini, Op. 31 (Long)

Spina was a guitarist active in Vienna in the early 19th century; these well-crafted variations on a popular theme from the opera Il Pirata are reminiscent of Giuliani, who may have been his teacher. "Indeed, in some of the Variations, Spina has gone out of his way to generate interest ... yes, you can tell who his teacher was ... A good work then for all interested in the Classics." -- Neil Smith, Classical Guitar. ""Tuscany Publications are to be congratulated for exhuming these fun variations on a theme of Bellini. ... the amiable and unpretentious nature of the music makes it one of the most charming examples of the genre I've met for some time. ... An attractive rarity ... ." -- Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar. "... una pubblicazione che apre una inedita finestra sul variegato repertorio ottocentesco." --- Marco Riboni, Il Fronimo. 8 pp. music, 1 p. text. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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El Diablo: Estudio de Sevilla (King)

There are several extant versions of Tárrega's Study on a Theme of Vieuxtemps (P. 179), but most of them were carelessly copied and are missing key phrases and essential right hand fingering; consequently, the piece has usually been left out of integral editions and recordings. This new edition, based on a recently discovered autograph manuscript, corrects these errors, illuminates the didactic purpose of the piece, and restores a fine composition (not transcription!) to the concert repertoire where it belongs. Includes a copy of the original Vieuxtemps violin study, to demonstrate that Tárrega's Estudio is an original work based on a Vieuxtemps theme, and not merely a transcription. 2 pp. introduction, 8 pp music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Selected Lute Works (for 6- or 10-string guitar) (Long)

Vallet was a French lutenist/composer who was living in Amsterdam when he published these works in 1615. The preludes are lovely and evocative; "Soet Robbert" is a solo based on the theme known in England as "My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home." Written for a 10-course lute, the pieces nevertheless work well on six strings. [Regarding both volumes:] "Long's scholarship is impeccable ... the fingerings work very well." -- American String Teacher.


Vol. I: Nine Preludes 7 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Vol. II: Five Dances & Soet Robbert 6 pp. music, 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Concerto in A, RV 82 (Zohn)

This is the familiar "Concerto in A," also known as the Trio in C for lute, violin, and continuo, but here expertly arranged for solo guitar. "The six pages are printed three-to-a-side on one large sheet of paper. This makes it very easy for page turns, which is a nice touch I have seen this publisher do before. This work is charming and while not really one that could be classed as easy in any shape or form, is not so difficult as to put off anyone with a reasonably good command of the guitar. The whole presentation is exemplary and lovers of this composer can purchase without fear." --- Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar. 5 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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The Stubborn Oak

Frank Wallace is well known as a vihuelist, a guitarist, an early music scholar, a fine baritone, and a member of the Live Oak Duo (with his wife, soprano Nancy Knowles). This attractive and well-crafted composition has three movements: Prelude, Adagio & Chorale, and Fugue. The title is derived from a Shaker melody: "I will not be like the stubborn oak, / But I will be like the willow tree, / I'll bow and bend unto God's will, / And I will seek His mercy still." "... the first movement Prelude is a haunting piece that stays with you longer after the CD has finished." --- Chris Dumigan, reviewing the CD Frank Wallace: Guitar Works, Volume 1 in Classical Guitar. "The gem of this composition is the middle movement, which begins by quoting the Shaker hymn in a single line melody, which then leads on to the main body of this movement, a beautiful, but simple two-voice Adagio which eventually concludes in a Chorale. On its own, this movement is a touching and emotionally moving piece of writing, but placed where it is in this piece, flanked by the Prelude and a technically demanding Fugue, it attains new importance. The Stubborn Oak is a piece well worth considering for the concert platform..." --Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar. "It is easy to feel an intimate connection to the ethereal beauty of Frank Wallace's compositions not only because of their individual splendor, but also because of the lush tone and sensitive perfection with which Wallace executes his music ... His music also clearly reflects a thorough knowledge of the guitar's repertoire; the works sound idiomatic, though never to a fault, and his harmony and counterpoint bring out some of the richest sonorities that the guitar has to offer." -- Stephen Griesgraber, reviewing Frank Wallace: His Own New Works, Vol. 1 in Guitar Review. 7 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Courante royale (Long)

One of the miscellaneous pieces from the British Library manuscript, the original key has been changed (from G to A) so that more of Weiss's clever use of the Baroque lute's open courses could be approximated on the guitar; "An able presentation of a quality baroque miniature." -- Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar; "has a playfulness not found in Weiss' better-known compositions ... an excellent work at an affordable price. I highly recommend it." -- Garth Baxter, Soundboard. 2 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Ciacona (Tornsäufer)

There are other arrangements of this famous piece in print, but we think this version, by Weiss expert and guitarist Claudia Tornsäufer, is the best: "This Ciacona (Chaconne) was originally the last movement of a suite composed for flute and lute. Only the lute part survives today in its original manuscript form; in fact, not a single one of Weiss' ensemble works has survived the centuries intact. This lute part consists of soloistic passages, which shows us that these duets were written with two equally important, almost independent parts in mind." --from the arranger's Introduction. "What we can say is that this isolated movement emerges as a noble and idiomatic guitar solo that would surely have equalled the popularity of the celebrated Passacaglia had it only got there first. The move to A minor from the original G minor is an obvious and successful adjustment on the part of the arranger, and the unavoidable octive transpositions in the bass part cause no signifiicant damage to the harmonic structure. What we can also say is that this is one of the most superbly presented single sheet publications to reach me for a very long time. Engraving is exemplary, the trilingual preface is concise and informed, and the three pages of music can be opened out to avoid page turns." -- Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar. 3 pp. introduction, 3 pp. music [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Capriccio Cantabile: Homage to Piazzolla (Parris / Robinson)

Stephen Robinson's brilliant recording of this piece has attracted much attention to this Florida composer. "Beau caprice dans l'esprit de celui à que il rend hommage. Du tango argentin donc, construit avec de bonnes idées bien exploitées. C'est presque aussi convaincant que du vrai Piazzola, tout en restant jouable." --- Les Cahiers de la Guitare et de la Musique. 6 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Two Songs of Christmas

The two pieces are "Cradlesong," a sentimental lullaby, and "Meditation (on 'O Little Town of Bethlehem')." The latter consistes of three statements of the traditional carol, each in a different key and with increasing fantasia, ending with a tremolo. "... two nicely presented works, which would make good Christmas practice pieces for the grade 6 player for the next festive season." -- Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar. 4 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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