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On a Sunday Afternoon, and Other American Popular Songs from the Turn of the Last Century (arranged for voice and guitar)

The songs include Let the Rest of the World Go By; Shine On, Harvest Moon; In My Merry Oldsmobile; Let Me Call You Sweetheart; Moonlight Bay; After the Ball; A Bird in a Gilded Cage; Teasing; Coax Me; When You Were Sweet Sixteen; On a Sunday Afternoon; Under the Bamboo Tree; Good Bye, My Lady Love; You Tell Me Your Dream, and I'll Tell You Mine; Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two); Her Eyes Don't Shine Like Diamonds; Keep Away from the Fellow Who Drives an Automobile; He'd Have to Get Under, Get Out and Get Under. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

In Preparation - Spring/Summer, 2002



Concerto in E, BWV 1042 (arrangement for guitar and strings) (Long)

(with a reduction for guitar and harpsichord) (Long/Oetjens)

In Preparation



Concerto in A, Op. 8a (P. Romero/A. Romero)

The first modern publication of one of the earliest (if not the earliest) virtuoso guitar concerti, as recorded by Pepe Romero. The original guitar part, revealed in this edition, is more fully developed and more difficult than the later, abridged version one usually hears. With a piano reduction by Angelina Romero.

In Preparation


Works for Guitar, Vol. 2: Complete Songs (Ribot)

All of the songs for voice and guitar as well as voice and piano of the great Haitian-American guitarist; Vol. 1 will include his works for solo guitar. These songs in French or Haitian patois are unique in the 20th Century guitar repertory.

In Preparation



Jinx on You [View Excerpts, Etc.]

In Preparation - Spring/Summer, 2002


Sérénade (in D), Op. 97 (for violin or flute and guitar) (Long)

An attractive duo from the early 19th century by one of the masters of guitar chamber music; in four movements. Score w/guitar and flute/violin part. Score - 13 pp. music, 1 p. introduction; flute/violin part - 6 pp. music. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Progresiones para Pauline (for flute and guitar)

Composed in memory of a dear friend, Merlin's lilting melody celebrates rather than mourns; the guitar provides a rhythmic accompaniment, then ends the piece with a solo. Score and Flute Part: Score - 8 pp, Flute - 1 p., 1 p. Introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Evocación y joropo (for flute and guitar)

The first and last movements of the composer's popular Suite del Recuerdo, arranged by him for flute and guitar. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Tango Angelita (for voice and guitar or guitar solo) (P. Romero)

Don Celedonio Romero, one of the most influential guitarists of the century, wrote this charming tango in 1933 to attract the attention of Angelita (Ines de los Angeles Gallego Molina), the woman who became his wife and the mother of his brilliant sons. The passionate Spanish lyrics reveal that Romero was as fine a poet and wordsmith as he was a musician. Published here for the first time; "... an utterly charming classic tango with a very simple and effective melody accompanying the poetry of Celedonio Romero's lyrics. ... Beautifully and lovingly produced, the preface by Pepe Romero explains the origins of the work. ... With the passing of Celedonio Romero we have surely lost a true gentleman of the guitar whose compositions will remind us of a gallantry and elegance we seem to be busily hurrying away from. Pure charm." -- Emma Martinez, Classical Guitar. 2 pp. music, 3 pp. introduction, illustrations and poetry. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Suite Andaluza No. 2 (para guitarra y flauta)

In Preparation



Trois Gnossiennes (for two guitars or for flute [or violin or oboe] and guitar) (Long)

"This is a fine transcription" -- Kerry Arlt, American String Teacher; "arranged with considerable care, with attention to details of dynamic and the idiosyncratic directions of the composer. As arrangements they work very well both in the flute-and-guitar and guitar duo versions." -- Michael Edmonds, Guitar International. 3 Parts: Guitar 1 - 4 pp., Guitar 2 - 3 pp., Flute - 4 pp., 1 p. introduction. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

Order No. 494-00591




Trio Sonata No. 5 in a (for recorder/flute/violin, and violin, guitar continuo, and cello) (Welch)

Leo Welch has selected one of Telemann's most attractive trio sonatas (no. 5, from Essercizii musici, 1739-40), and arranged a continuo part that falls naturally on the guitar. " ... an all-time favorite of mine in a magnificent new setting with a guitar continuo ... a gorgeous 12" x 9", 11-page score with separate parts for all four instruments. ... This is Telemann in top form and the reason I'm enthusiastic about this edition, apart from the beauty and logical layout of the score and all parts, is the remarkably fine realization in that perfect key of A minor for guitar. The four movements are all exceptional The opening Largo intertwines a lovely melody with itself as in the slow movement of Bach's Concerto for Two Violins. The following Vivace is a comic riot,the sort of lightningly rapid dialogue Telemann brings off so well, full of hockets, two Gilbert-and-Sullivan patter songs at the same time, bouncing off each other's lines with the cello occasionally horning in. The third movement, Affettuoso, combines two sentimental--handkerchief-wringing--tunes that show all instruments off to best advantage. The finale is a canonic steeplechase with the violin two quick beats behind the recorder in the first half and two beats ahead in the second. The cello whips into the fray in both halves. In its absence the line is covered by "ossia" passages for guitar. This is a piece all good players must have." --Gene Reichenthal, Early Music Newsletter. "It is ... all you would expect of this composer at his best." --Music Teacher. Score and parts, with optional cello part and original figured bass. Score and Parts: Score - 11 pp., Guitar Continuo - 4 pp., Recorder/Flute/Violin - 4 pp., 2nd Violin - 4 pp., Violoncello/Basso Continuo - 3 pp., Introduction - 1 p. [View Excerpts, Etc.]

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Serenata, Op. 6 [View Excerpts, Etc.]

In Preparation

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